Global Warming for Fun and Profit

The United Nations published a report on Global Warming that was produced by over 700 prominent scientists.

Bottom line:  Give the UN unprecedented money and power or we’re all going to die.  Here’s a news link.


According to rocket science theorists, every action results in an equal and opposite reaction…



Yet who knows.  Two juxtaposed groups spewing a message that furthers their respective causes, and scientists lining up on both sides to be counted, not as objective purveyors of scientific rigor, but of political reality.  But in all that confusion, I tend to think, just like most of you, that there is some credibility to global warming, and at some point in the future it will change how humans live.  

And then I saw this:


No shit.  No matter what we do, it probably won’t be nearly enough and will come at prohibitive cost to most, and at a fabulous Mega Bucks lotto win for the bold few blood-suckers who thought this whole fix-it scam up.


All Good will be Attacked

One of the prices you pay for having a blog is levied by the blood-sucking spammers.

Attend:  15,000 comments awaiting my approval.  All spam.


Hopefully none of you left a legitimate comment.   I simply couldn’t screen 16,000 comments.  I also had to turn-off comments to articles older than 14 days.  Again spam – even after cleaning up the que, I was watching as 109 additional spam comments accumulated in approximately an hour.

So there it is.

By the way – I am transitioning to a new website:


Another New Beginning

And it’s just like the rest the rest of my new beginnings. 

It reminds me of those stores that always keep the “grand opening” banner in the window.

And even the phrase – “new beginning”…  What an asinine thing to say.   Is there another kind of beginning?

Sounds like “free gift”, “round circle”,  “déjà vu all over again”. 


Heard the uproar over Zimmerman yet?  Yeah – its become a racial thing.  Black people and black people sympathizers are seemingly outraged that a skittles-toting child was gunned down and the killer, a  “white Hispanic” was found not-guilty at trial. At least that’s their rallying cry.

Notice I used the term “White Hispanic”.  That’s America’s free press at work, taking sides, and in this case, the side of the black community.

Hispanics are otherwise counted as down-trodden minorities by the press. Just not in this case.  In this instance Hispanics are White – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to create a  racial divide!

And wouldn’t that suck.

But the merits seemed more like this:  the Hispanic man, being on neighborhood watch, challenged what he thought was a suspicious-looking young black male walking through his neighborhood in the dark.  Somehow this challenge dramatically escalated, and the Hispanic male found himself on the ground with the black male atop of him, and his head being pounded into the pavement.  At that apparent moment of cusp, when the Hispanic male believed his life in danger, removed a revolver from his pocket and shot the black male attacker.

There were no eyewitnesses to how the ruckus started, but one eyewitness saw the black male on top of the Hispanic male.

And we can assume these notions in mitigation and aggravation:  The black male looked suspicious to the Hispanic because he had the hood of a sweatshirt pulled over his head, creating the stereotypical black male whose probably up to something.

The black male was angered by the challenge made by the Hispanic, even referring to the Hispanic as a “cracker”.  We even sympathize – why stereotype young black males as trouble-makers.

There’s probably more, but these ideas to me seem the most salient. 

And from them I understand the shooting, and can find no fault in the jury’s decision.  Had I been a jurist on this case I would have voted likewise.

So that leaves the black community with this deep anger that once again, a young black male died solely because he was black.  In simple terms – the unarmed victim was black and the man who got away with shooting him was an acceptable surrogate for a white guy – there you have it!   


And many of us scratch our heads and wonder how the various African American illuminates in our society are so outraged?  What injustice we cry?

Perhaps to be African American is to feel the heavy burdens from a past America.  I honestly don’t know – but in such a vernacular, it must be tough for many African Americans to really give a crap about the merits of a single case, even if it might have been adjudged fairly.

Just spit-balling here… There’s more to this case than the brief courtroom drama that was splayed on our TV’s recently – its far deeper than that; more global than that.

To Africa America – my condolences on your loss.  Honest – although I can’t understand all of it, I get it that its from the heart and that you’re hurting.

Next up – I think I’ll chat about “stand your ground”.



I’m hoping to get started again


A few years ago, I was actually doing pretty good with the blogging.  I had a good train of thought going, I was increasing my readership…  yeah – I was having a good time of it.  Then somehow I lost interest

It happens.

Then I started up again, but sporadically and perhaps half-heartedly. 

Then someone hacked my site and I had to erase everything and start from scratch.  So I loaded another blog, but somehow, I never really got to a place on this new website that equaled where I was before everything went to crap.  Consequently, when I’d think about blogging, I’d focus instead on what I needed to do to make the website as good as it was before.   But of course, I never improved the site either and neither did I blog.

Today – well, I got off my ass.  I’m telling myself that the blogging comes first.  If I feel like it after I blog – then I’ll putz with the site.

As I do this I’m watching TV.  Some guy from Alaska just said – “You can’t be afraid of death, only be afraid of the pain that gets you dead.”  Then he laughed this big toothy laugh.

Anyway, starting slow.